They are Coming... 

What was different from Milan and Australia was the after care. In Australia we had what they called the local maternal health centre. They had 3 centres within your district. You had drop in day where you could do weigh ins and any difficulties you were facing ( I for example had a no sleep child and they assigned me to a sleep nurse but that’s a story in itself ). You were also assigned to a mothers group that you attended for a 6 week course, which is amazing. You got to meet other mums who were all going through the same thing at the same time. Those women kept me going we were all in similar situations they made me smile,belly laugh and and shoulder to cry on,( and by coincidence, we were 10 Mums and 10 boys 😮😂😂😂). That group grew after the 6 week course: we would walk together, go for coffee, shopping, to the park, or just be there for each other. Priceless. 

The staff at the centre were all trained midwives who were there, above all, for you: were you okay ? were you coping? The words I heard the most was " Make sure you are looking after yourself " which is so what you needed to hear after MANY sleepless nights. 

They were strong advocates for breastfeeding (which is a topic we will be sure to touch upon during our journey), but they also believed "you do what works for you." 

These words rang in our ears: DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. It's so easy to sit back and judge, but every family has its own dynamics. 

The centre also provided a home vist the day after you arrived home, which makes a great difference from having to drag yourself back into the city ( walking like John Wayne and trying to organise the other children ). 

So to conclude this round, the major differences between my three experiences was definitely the after care support, which is so critical, which is what we all need. We need that reassurance that we are doing great , we are not alone, I know how you feel or just do you need a hug. So on that note.......