Getting Pregnant and Babies Birth 

I am a mum of three children: Oliver (age 10 ), Noah (age 8) and Emily (age 3). Let’s  take a walk back in time... 

I remember someone once telling me, " you will know when you are pregnant. " I am here to tell you that I had no idea at all. It felt a little as if it I was about to start my period, so I just kept putting down to that, especially the 1st time. The second 

pregnancy, I was entering into the 3rd month before understanding what was going on. 

Oliver was nearly 11 months, I was slowing down breastfeeding, I had no period, and BAM.. At that point nobody had really explained I could get caught whilst still breastfeeding. I mean, I was so in my baby bubble, still feeling like a superhero and 

HAPPY to be alive. The strange thing with Noah (number 2) is this: I was tired. I kept 

wanting to sleep ( never during Oliver's nap time, just exactly when he woke. It was as if I had been hit by this wave of tiredness). I just put it down to the fact that I had a nearly 11 th month old that rarely slept. I eventually went to the Doctor and she said at the beginning she thought it was me weaning Oliver., Check this out: I even did blood work. Nothing showed up. NOTHING. Eventually I did a home pregnancy test to rule it out. It was either that or I was ill. ( I tend to fear the worst). And what do you know? I was WITH CHILD. (cancel funeral plans 😂😂) I ended up having a scan only to confirm, SHOCK! The sweet lady says, “.Mrs Medforth, yep your Pregnant.” I was thinking maybe 4 or 5 weeks. “No, about 10 weeks.”😮😮😮😮 What !!!! 

Emily-Hope (3) was pretty much text book: a missed period,it was 5 years after Noah. Home test in the swimming pool ( as you do ). 



So starting my pregnancy here in Milan was so much more different to how I remembered hearing from my friends in the UK. They had very few scans: 12, 20 and 36 weeks and towards the end. As I understand in the UK, you are generally followed 

by midwives very much the same in Australia. Here in Milan, I speak for 10 years ago, you are followed by a gynecologist. You have a scan EVERY check up, and it is a cost around €70-100 per visit. It took a while to get my head around that, as I had very much the British mentality back then. I have, in time , learnt to be more flexible and understanding. Reflecting, I realised how thorough the care was and should be. I was lucky enough 3 years ago to find a midwives centre near me and I was followed by an amazing midwife the whole pregnancy. So in the end with all my babies, the experience was pretty much the same ,so all in all, the care was the same. 



Birth. What can I say? No horror stories here. I was sooo lucky to have found women who had nothing but love for their job. I am a good patient: I did as I was told in typical English style. I did want to cause a fuss.  Oliver being my first was a longer process: 18 hours Noah and Emily: 4 hours each. As I say, no drama. 

At the end of the 1st half: