My boys and I stepped back in time this week,at least 250 Million years in fact.When Dinosaurs were once dominating the Earth, they are now invading here in MIlan. 

We have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to become paleontologists at the DINOSAUR INVASION exhibition at the Fabbrica del Vapore which i has been here since December 2018 and will remain until the 10th March 2019. 


This exhibition has been organised by the City of Milan Council and this extraordinary exhibit focus to all ages groups,on making it possible to take a realistic and unforgettable journey back in time to the Triassic,Jurassic and Cretaceous era.Thanks to the Animatronics system not only are all the Dinosaurs life size they also move and sound as if they would have mIllions of years ago. It truly an amazing experience, to see these 30 life size Dinosaurs all placed in the ambience in which you would have found them,and to see them move their Tails,mouths, eyes etc it really is amazing. 


We were lucky enough to have been given a tour around this Exhibition with the captivating Alessandro Cecchipaone,he really had the magic to take us back in time (i have never seen my boys so quiet). He answered all the questions of the most curious with patience and passion. We all came away with new information and great enthusiasm i can not thank him enough for that. 


It is a Must see.

Dinosaur Invasion